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MOGUL KOMPRIMO VDL 46 10 l. Compressor oil

Marking: V532512314
Code: 0000010099
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Price: 976.00грн

20 pcs or more 739.00грн
This group VDL oils designed for lubrication of air and gas compressors that require extremely high quality oil. Allows you to simultaneously achieve long maintenance intervals. Applications oils of this group: Mogul KOMPRIMO VDL 46 - oils, used for lubrication of rotating (mostly screw) compressors with higher loads (output temperature ≥ 100 ° C) are also suitable for turbochargers.

Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C: 46
Viscosity index, °C: 110
Flash point, °C: 230
Specification: ISO 6743 / 3A DAC (VDL100), DAJ (VDL 46/68), DIN 51506 VDL

Shell Corena S3 R 46
Additional Features
Volume/weight 10 l
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