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MOGUL OPTIMAL 10W-40 4l. Engine oil

Marking: V531381313
Code: 0000009768
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Price: 449.00грн

3 pcs or more 340.00грн
MOGUL OPTIMAL 10W-40 is designed for year-round use in modern, heavily loaded with gasoline and diesel engines (including turbocharged) trucks and passenger cars requiring oils of this class. OPTIMAL suitable for engines
catalytic converters of exhaust gases and is a guarantee of achieving significant drain oil. It is effectively used in engines working at extremely low temperatures and where the fuel economy is required. This universal lubricant suitable for fleet vehicles with variable designation, and are equipped with various types of engines
for example, (mixed fleet).
MOGUL OPTIMAL 10W-40 provides excellent protection of modern diesel and gasoline engines with extreme requirements
- Ensures uninterrupted year-round operation, provides excellent engine starting even at very low temperatures
- Prevents high-fat and low-temperature sludge and keeps engine clean
- Has excellent antioxidant properties that guarantee long life
- Perfectly protects internal engine parts from corrosion
- Saves fuel
- Suitable for mixed fleet

Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C - 13.5
Viscosity index - 150
Flashpoint ° C - 215
Specification: SAE 10W-40, API CI-4 / SL, responsible: ACEA E7, A3 / B4, GLOBAL DHD-1, VOLVO VDS-3, MB 228.3, MAN M3275, MTU Type 2, Cummins CES 20077/78, Renault Trucks RLD

Shell Helix Disel HX7
Additional Features
SAE 10W-40
Type Semisynthetic
Use according to the type of engine Benzine/Diesel
Volume/weight 4 l

Іван – 17 Nov 2016
5 из 5 звёзд!
Працюю на бусі по доставці товарів на райони вже 2 рази заливав це масло тихіше став працювати двигун я задоволений

юра – 12 Aug 2016
5 из 5 звёзд!
в мене рено мастер вже міняю в 3 раз добре мастило .якість.ціна ++++

Василь – 18 Jul 2016
5 из 5 звёзд!
вже другий раз заливаю цю оливу хлопці порекомендували на заміні мастил Могуль дуже задоволений

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