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MOGUL HM 46 S 10 l. Hydraulic oil

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Products Mogul HM S is a group of high quality hydraulic oils, produced on special hydrocracking technology. They contain modern additives against oxidation, corrosion, wear and foaming, additional additives for improving low temperature and high temperature characteristics and toughness. Compared with the group MOGUL HM oils, these products are characterized by improved properties, greater resistance to foaming, rapid release of air, excellent hydrolysis resistance and a significantly higher thermal oxidation. They are designed for heavy-duty hydrostatic hydraulic mechanisms. Especially attractive is their use in hydrostatic systems with extreme demands on the strength of the working fluid (oil change interval) equipped with filters with high nominal filtration capacity - even below 5 microns (eg CNC machines). MOGUL HM 32 S - for systems operating at low temperature ranges (especially in winter). MOGUL HM 46 S - for systems operating at the usual climatic conditions.

Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° С - 46
Viscosity index:115
Flash Point ° C: 225
Specification: DIN 51 502 H DIN 51 524 část 2 HLP, DIN 51 517část 3 CLP AFNOR NF ISO 6743/4 HM E 48 603 HM

Tellus S 46 SHELL
Hydraulic Fluid HP 46 JCB
DTE Excel 46 Mobil
Aw hydraulic fluide 46 CASE
Shell Tellus S3 М 46
Additional Features
Volume/weight 10 l
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