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MOGUL HV 68/10l./ Hydraulic oil

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HV oils are used for hydraulic systems with very high loads, working in a wide temperature range. They are designed for hydraulic circuits, pumps equipped with high demands for oil and wear-resistant effect termookyslyuyuchoyi stability. Oils used for mobile hydraulic equipment operating year round in unprotected environments over a wide temperature range - eg mechanisms of heavy earthmoving machines (Lubricating have very low viscosity dependence on temperature) and can be used also for lubrication of circulation. Features:
• Protects the system against wear;
• Excellent corrosion resistance;
• Excellent oxidation resistance ensures a long service life;
• Successfully used in a wide range of operating temperatures;
• Have a very good filterability.

MOGUL HV 68 - for systems operating at elevated or very high temperatures (year-round and especially old-age operation)

Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C: 68
Viscosity Index, °C: 160
Flash Point, °C: 230
Specifications: ISO 6743/4 HV, DIN 51 502 HV, DIN 51 524 část 3 HVLP
Additional Features
Volume/weight 10 l
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