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Motor oil MOGUL began producing about 1927 and the brand in the Czech Republic has long been synonymous with the word oil.

Today, oil MOGUL brand not only successfully compare favorably with other major oil refiners and world renowned, but in many ways superior to them. Oil MOGUL brand produced one of the most modern factories in Europe using high quality base oils for high-tech equipment with automatic process control, using their own research and scientific base. The constant development of new formulations and improving existing ones, allowing the entire group MOGUL brand oils meet all the requirements of the most demanding customers. MOGUL many years its oil supplies to the plant assembly SKODA, TATRA, ZETOR and produces the best oil industry with the greatest range in Europe. So in 2014, the brand was awarded MOGUL"CZECH Superbrands Awards 2014" because it uses oil for almost 40% of Czech drivers.

MOGUL quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Oil MOGUL firms have a high viscosity index, year-round use and durability. Its high performance ensures the safety of your engine and its durability

Oil MOGUL motorists using the best of the thirties of the last century, and experienced motorists modernity followed their example. In the 21st century MOGUL oil for the engine and other mechanisms such as using known racer Roman Cross. MOGUL brand also is a permanent general sponsor of the event and speedway team Mogul Racing Team. For more than eighty years, the MOGUL is the brand, dynamic and constantly surprising his fans with modern innovations.

Our range of oils to a large number of different techniques, namely the automotive, horticultural, agricultural machinery and so on.

Referring to the company You will be highly skilled assistance in choosing and purchasing the necessary lubrication.

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