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MOGUL MOLYKA PASTA /0.5кг./ Змазка технічна

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Due to its specific composition, it is determined as a lubricant of a defined use or as a separating agent in some special operations, or a separator ensuring the achievement of the detachableness of the machine parts,
exposed to heat or other influences.
It is suitable for the pressing of sliding surfaces of machine parts subjected to high pressures, lubrication of machine parts with occasional movements and difficult to lubricate or as a lubricant in some shaping operations (pressing, drawing, etc.). Also very common is its use as a separating agent - eg lubrication of dismountable, heat-exposed connections (screw connections of autoclaves and other devices). In such cases, the lubricant is capable of functioning up to the decomposition temperature of MoS2, i.e. up to about 390 ° C.

• provides continuous adhesion and separation layer for application to protect moving or stationary parts from direct contact
• It can work long at high temperatures - up to 350-390 ° C
• good resistance to water
• protects the lubricated parts from corrosion
Additional Features
Type Lubricants
Volume/weight 500 g
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